The only difference

Notable movie still in a Redbox near you. City of Lies with Johnny Depp, Forest Whitaker, Shea Whigham, Shamier Anderson and more. With some history about real rappers and pictures or video clips of the actual R&B scene, the dichotomy is fairly captivating.

Speaking of Johnny Depp. In the news I’ve seen a lot of press concerning idols from my generation. Johnny Depp was getting his name dragged around, Bill Cosby was finally released from prison and Britney Spears looking to take control of her music’s conservatorship held by her Father. It’s a scary world when your heroes are getting accused of crimes you could never associate with them, battling for respect or stopping to be heard. I still remember purposely being ignorant about pop stars’ lives growing up. Epecially when rumors started circulating about Michael Jackson. Now I like to know when someone I looked up to, was entertained by or used as a role model dies or about the other things affecting their life. Possibly because ignoring it is a lack of support or supporting something or someone we shouldn’t. The music industry first made me feel this way about it in recent years because of the amount of power a DJ can aquire in such a short time and how quickly they can turn to spreading filthy stuff to each other, making the world some younger fans grow up in a volatile hell hole. So may be I’m old fashioned, but haven’t we noticed how quickly the legend of today fades and then blame each other for stealing it away? All the rules I learned growing up are so easily tossed to social media fads and phases. Even new standards that companies are working hard to imprint are casually being broken by younger generations. These careless rebels could be struggling to figure out what went wrong until I die, but there are still places in the world that won’t sell out so quickly. Don’t get me wrong, change, progress and advancement can and needs to be made in every industry and artform that will keep us thriving in the future as a healthy planet and our age to make a difference shouldn’t be the deciding factor, but why would we want to format the hard drive of so many of our elders’ rich cultural histories for the latest graphic advancement of a terabyte hog video game, so to speak.

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