December has done a parallel park into our lives. I was at first getting the one-two punch like some bumpers from a new driver, but then I looked at the calendar and got excited that the year is almost over. Granted a month of holiday stuff could drag on, time flies when you are trying to find the words to say in greeting cards. I’m almost finished with present shopping and greeting cards contrastingly. This year I set a new record following in the footsteps of my late Poppa and his surviving wife. Still the act of keeping in touch through old fashioned ways isn’t all influence, it partially started when I was living from shelter to shelter for nearly two years. I hated cards as a kid and today many brands aren’t really cruelty-free or vegan friendly, so it’s better to give than receive in my case for different reasons too sometimes. Counting Crows has an old song that gained tons of airplay when it was first released that sings, “It’s been a long December and there’s reason to believe, that maybe this year will be better than the last”. December feels like it’s going to be calm with mild weather in Florida now, however I think the second half of the lyric applies to most of us. Hanukkah is almost over and then it’s Christmas and Kwanzaa… No New Year’s plans for yet, but don’t forget about The Matrix Resurrections and Gingerbread Pop releases!!!