No moves have yet been committed to Ultra on the Ckwal front, except lots of hotel research. Phase two of DJs was announced and a third phase is yet to be told. It’s proclaimed to be the biggest and baddest event Ultra Festival has put on to date and I believe it. I practically quit music with no intentions of returning and I’m still sensing the vibe of those days in late March approaching in the timeline swaying my biggest life choices. The last recording I mixed of David Guetta says what I feel and if we go to one more show, we might just make it. Still it isn’t without risk in my own career and trusting some of the most powerful music on the planet to inspire you to the right direction isn’t easy. When you think you’ve been burned by the business, the scene, the fans, the stars or the styles. I know many out there that won’t go near the generically known as “EDM” scene ever in their life. It’s understandable especially when you’ve haven’t sacrificed nearly everything for the mix. It’s a big investment even to think about spending to have a good time no matter the initial cost, but I’d stand behind it and recommend it for those needing a shove to press the purchase button a few times.