Savannah day three

I walked everywhere after checking out of the hotel. I went to a library out through the trees and no one else was there. Even though I had some weight to my bag at this point, I made my way through town on Victory Drive. With a bag on rollers and the traffic at times annoyingly thick, it wasn’t the most pleasant walk, but I still was appreciating the houses and some resident appearances. Then I discovered a park before I got to Whole Foods. It made a perfect escape from the busy street. There was also a row of Palms.

After having lunch outside of Whole Foods which had Christmas trees for sale out as compared to the day before, I continued to walk back towards the river downtown. Many additional parks and subneighborhoods. It was more pleasant the other day walking away from the cars, but I burnt out imagining a porch life from an outsider’s perspective. With a big bag alternating from my back to the hollow sound of rollerblade type wheels on the cement, I stuck out as a tourist and didn’t mind the noisy cars where the sidewalk was bigger cutting back North. The sun started setting quickly and I was back by all the shops on the river trying to find a bottle of hot sauce.

Picture from day one. Stairs descend below.

I started somewhere in the middle and went East to the end and then back West towards the bus station. The air was getting brisk in the dark and a different kind of distant holiday urgency to find a winter partner set in. By the restaurants and fancy hotels, some couples and groups reminded me of old school dances, pre-wedding gatherings or family holiday vacations. I thought about my writing style and how I’d like to develop it, but could only find a place in the future as a bitter, critical cynic and that idea had my mood perplexed.

Savannah surprised me because it wasn’t as small as I expected, nor limiting. There were some ideas there that scared me, like bottled up emotions and the reservation in charm turning around to bite. However I couldn’t help but appreciate a trip like I’m used to, even if some locals were occasionally pretending.

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