Today I was only able to contribute one whole blood donation. It was the first on my left arm, which is more dominanted by tattoos. The Red Cross phlebotomist put a needle right into Che’s head. Oh man. However there was some hold up with the aspheresis machine and the process was cancelled before the first return. So it became a regular whole blood donation (journal updated). I feel good and glad to donate the plasma and platelets too, it just changes plans because I’ll be eligible sooner. So far the Savannah trip has been delightful by the way. What a soul-filled and charming place. Down by the Savannah river I was reminded of Santa Monica, California and different parts of the city give me faint familiars of Chicago and some of the suburbs. With college vibes, laid-back festival and picnic charm as well as some proper city grit, it still stays individual with Georgian character boasting everything from spooky, seaworn foliage to down-home churchy welcomeness. Two more days left to explore. Tomorrow night is Lowcountry Farm Fest.

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