Trip update

Arrived in Cincinnati after midnight and started Black Panther upon arrival to an Airbnb family accomodation in attempt to keep close to my overnight schedule. I just finished the movie… I chose to finally watch this one from checklist posted in May because we are gathering in this town to honor the passing of my Grandmother Lois at the end of her 89th year. I had been putting off seeing the movie feeling conflicted about the knowledge of starring actor Chadwick Boseman’s death in late August of 2020. This Marvel movie is very moving especially with scenes from my previous home away from home country in South Korea and a couple favorite pop music selections. It took me awhile to get into and follow the plot, so I’d probably rewatch it. The African style music and culture, Roman warrior king battles mixed with futuristic body suits and Marvel hero/villain themes is some seriously fun drama.

Before finishing the Google Play rental today with characters who travelled in luggage (Chibi, mini c and Guillotine), I walked around part of downtown Cincinnati.

Walkways and pedestrian bridges connect over and wind through city roads and interchanges.

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