I have re-published the poetry book and Ckwal Magazine Issues 3 & 4.  I haven’t reviewed or found the right file with all the pages together for the previous issues yet.  Some photos are missing as well as links.  I will try to get all the MixLists posted as well.  I’m leaving later this morning for Kansas City.  I have rented three movies through Google TV for the trip so far:

Septembers of Shiraz
The Squeeze

I also added two tracks to extend our demo album.  All these new items may be found using the pages tab at the top left of this website.  Right now you must listen to the whole album to get to these tracks.  I’ll try to figure out a fix to this later.

Music I purchased for the trip:

Charli XCX – Brat
Bon Jovi – Forever (Extended)