So I’m having great difficulty readjusting to my life here in Florida. I was only gone for two weeks. Seems a lot has changed while I was gone and the future I planned for myself, may not be in the cards. The ESL field has changed and I no longer feel like I’m in demand, so I’m about to close the books on that dream. I started a teaching IELTS course which was on sale through Groupon despite and stubbornly trying to stay on overnight. Last night off I watched Crazy Rich Asians and Deepwater Horizon. Redbox doesn’t seem to be releasing new movies as much, still they give good deals (like random free movies). What a blessing to get two decent picks to get me through another strange night. I wrote a couple songs in Germany and a new transition tune last night, so either the album is extending or another project is in the making. Still feels like something has died inside at times.