I’ve returned from Munich.  There was a lot of impressive architecture, parks and intimidating biergartens.  Actually almost everything started to freeze me up on the last couple of days and nights.  Hence why I didn’t post.  My spiritual training from Father/Mother and visit to my Uncle who is a Priest and his family helped me through the challenges of the world I faced there at this time.  Total of about two days and nights when I was based out of Landshut (pronounced Lands-hoot) and the rest in Munich.  I rode three rides, played a few games and visited many sights as well l, mostly alone, but my Uncle who shares the same first and last name as me, attended Darius Rucker and showed me around Moosburg and his family’s hometown.  Europe is much harder than my last visits, however I’m thinking possibly, it’s a German-American family thing combined with post-covid Europe and my hotel’s environment.  There were many positive things, people to see and quite a few unexpected differences and let-downs this time a round; still very impressive.  Reflection remains intimidating with many possibilities.